Venue Information

Silver Arrow Competition

Exclusive to 3rd Lesson Silver Arrow Participants

Competition: After the completion of the Silver Arrow Program

Time: Saturday & Sunday
11:30pm – 12:30pm
12:30pm – 1:30pm

Registration: Each participant wanting to participate will complete their details on the leaderboard form to sign up for the competition.


  • Each participant will get 6 arrows ( 2 x rounds of 3 or 6 arrows in one round) to shoot at the target.
  • After shooting the 6 arrows, the participants will be given instructions on how to count their score.
  • Each participant must be supervised when they are shooting
  • If the arrow bounces off the target the score will still count, it will be judged by the instructor supervising where the arrow landed.
  • If the arrow hits the line in between 2 different numbers, the score will be the higher number out of the 2


  • Results will be visible to participants through an online link on the website.
  • The highest scorer within a designated period will win a prize at the end of the period.

Term 4 2021 leaderboard