Wednesday 15 December 2021: COVID RESTRICTIONS: NSW Government has recently announced changes to its COVID safe restrictions. View conditions of entry for details
Archery Centre - Venue Information - Age and Suitability - Photography by Rick Stevens


Are we able to reserve an area or bench within the picnic area

The picnic area is a public space therefore equipment can not be reserved.

We recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment as availability can not be guaranteed as the area is a shared resource for the Archery Centre users and the local community.

Are we using real equipment in all the programs

Yes, all bows and arrows are real in all our programs including programs for kids.

Are you able to supply tables and chairs in the picnic area

The picnic area has available public space benches, BBQs and market umbrellas.

We recommend bringing your own portable picnic chairs, tables and blankets.

Can anyone participate in Laser Tag

Laser Tag is available for anyone aged 7 years and up.

Can my 4 or 5 year old participate

Programs are available for children over the age of 6 years. Please monitor our website or register on our website for updates as we develop new programs.

Can my 6 year old participate

Yes, our programs are for 7 years and older but our Conditions of Entry allow for 6 year olds and above to cater for kids who are almost 7 years.

Can my 7 year old participate in the Bronze Arrow Program

Yes, however the session is recommended for ages 10 and up. The session moves at a faster pace than our school holiday programs which cater to young children.

A participating (paying) adult would need to accompany the 7 year old in the session to provide support and assistance with equipment usage and staff instruction.

The 7 year will be allocated a smaller bow and arrows, please advise staff when you arrive at Reception.

Can the Archery Centre store our birthday cake or other food and beverage

We recommend arriving with an esky, ice or other suitable items to adequately store and serve your catering needs as there is no dedicated food handling or storage facilities onsite. Alternatively we are able to provide you with a menu and contact details of our external catering provider who may be able to supply items you require pre-ordered and delivered for your session.

Can we bring our own food and drinks

Yes, the Archery Centre features a public picnic area with 2 free BBQ facilities, plenty of grassed area and some picnic umbrella and benches. No glass is permitted.

Do I need to stay with my child

Yes, you will be asked to assist your child as they listen to the safety induction and learn how to shoot or use the laser tag equipment. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and over) as per our Conditions of Entry.

I would like to purchase a Gift Voucher for a program

We do have gift vouchers available to purchase.

Vouchers are sold at any value you desire however they are not program specific.

Gift vouchers can be purchased over the phone and posted however we highly recommend collection from the Centre.

What happens if it rains

Sessions will continue in the case of bad weather. We adjust the shooting line to under the awning where feasible.

If we feel we need to adjust or cancel the session for any reason we will contact you with as much notice as possible.

What is the difference between Sharp Shooters and Young Archers

Young Archers  is aimed at those from 7 - 12 years, it is a smaller class size focussing on teaching the basics in a controlled environment. It is a slower session with many breaks and more assistance.